Technical Guide
Kihon (Fundamentals)
Calligraphy for Kihon or Fundamentals
What is Kihon The Fundamentals or kihon are the most important aspect of karate training. Hence Kihon covers every aspect of Karate training. Kihon in karate-do can be compared to the foundation of a building- no matter how beautiful a building may look, unless the foundation is good, the building will always be weak. There is a saying that the karate of JKA begins and ends with the three Ks - Kihon, Kata & Kumite however both Kata and Kumite depend on correct Kihon to be good. Therefore whether it be the course of the movement, the speed of the movement, the strength of the movement, the posture required, the correct musculature to be used, the correct form of breathing, all these are factors that comprise the practice of Kihon.
A story often told in the dojo is of 3 pigs and the wolf where the one with a strong house is the only one able to withstand the attempts of the wolf. Kihon is like that. If one's kihon is strong, one's karate is strong is something a sensei always stresses on.  

In Karate-do the body (Karada) is divided into three levels -Upper level (Joudan) Middle level (Chudan) and Lower level (Gedan). All the techniques (waza) are prefixed with either of these three levels, denoting the area of attack, defence and counter attack. The focus of  both defence and attacks is to the weak points of the body. Should the human body be seen from the front or the back and a vertical axis be drawn along the centre, it would be noticed that most of the weak points would be clustered around this line. Similarly when seen from the sides should another axis be drawn perpendicular to the earlier one the weak points would again be seen clustered along along the axis. Ancient Chinese texts suggest that there are 36 vital points and thier relationship to a number of physiological functions. Studies done by ancient physicians suggest that these points were linked by a specific route that lead to organ dysfunction. This route came to be known as a meridian. Ancients physicians treated these points for recovery of patients and martial artists studied them for their own purposes.

What is Karate Kihon?
The Fundamentals of Karate consist of the various stances (dachi), movement (ido)in these stances and the correct execution of the basic technique(waza). The correct posture
Posture Shisei while in the stance. The use of focus (Kime)while execting techniques. Ido Kihon mean fundamentals executed while moving, Kihon waze for beginners is simple and until the novice completely masters the movement more complex techniques are not taught, Senior levels of trainees are also taught Jiyu Kihon or techniques executed whilst moving at one's own pace time and stance. These techniques are normally used in tournaments.

Making of the fist

Keep the palm completely open extending all fingers straight make the first fold keeping the thumb outside the gambit of the fold. Starting with the little finger Bend the four fingers as shown in the illustration at the second and third knuckle such that all the finger tips touch the palm . Ensure that all the finger tips are pressed tightly against the palm
Once you have achieved the first fold of the fingers bend the fingers again making the second fold at the first knuckle. Hold this position tightly pressing all the fingers against the palm.
Lastly fold the thumb over the first two fingers viz the fore finger and the middle finger. Care should be taken to ensure that the thumb does not extend outside of the fist.