Technical Guide
Ta chi kata
Given below are some of the basic stances of the Japan Karate Association Shoto-kan ryu Karate-do

The calligraphy or ji for the numerical 8 or Hachi is formed when the feet take this stance,hence Hachiji Dachi. Used when the call for Yoi or ready is given before starting movements of kata, kihon or kumite.
Being an informal attention stance Musubi Dachi is used when showing respect for anything In karate. It is used at the start & finish of Kihon, kata & Kumite
Hachi-ji da chi
Musu- bi da chi
Open leg stance
(United) Informal attention stance

The stance's name Heiko meaning parallel speaks for itself. Heiko Dachi is not frequently used in the JKA now a days
The student is initiated in the Heisoku Dachi stance in(count #2) of Kata Heian Sandan & can be seen during the start & in many Shotokan kata.
Hei-iko da chi
Hei soku da chi
Parallell stance
Feet together stance

The student is initiated in the Renoji Dachi stance in Kata Heian Godan & can be seen during the start & in many Shotokan kata.
Ko kutsu da chi
Re no ji da chi
Back Stance
or Back Leg bent stance
Stance resembling katakana "Re"

Ki ba da chi
Zen kutsu da chi
Straddle stance
Horse ridingstance
Front stance or
front leg bent stance

Han getsu da chi
Fudo kutsu da chi
Half moon stance
Half facing back leg bent front stance
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